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Tantra Massage Washington

Tantra Massage Washington

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Come into a relationship with yourself, so that you can come into relationships with others.

Feed YOUR Mind

Lessons, exercises, homework to develop skills for all of life and all types of relationships.

Feed YOUR Body

Embracing your pleasure in physical exchanges of intimacy and connection. 

Feed YOUR Heart

Be seen, be heard, and be understood by your healing team.

Feed YOUR Soul

Come into alignment with who you are and your true essence for love and relationships.


Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) is learning the skills of relationship that we were never properly taught. How do you relate to your own body? How do you relate to others? We bring kindness, compassion, communication, and intimacy skills to the forefront. We work strongly on consent, boundaries, and bodily autonomy*.


Surrogate Partner Therapy is designed for people who are not in a partnered relationship and it works in conjunction with talk therapy. We become your healing team. Sessions with your therapist start before surrogate work with me and continue regularly during and after our time together. 


If you are in a committed relationship, and think this work is for you, let’s talk.

Explore relationships and intimacy with a skilled Surrogate Partner (SP) in an "experiential lab" environment, where it’s ok to explore, be curious and experiment in relationships. Let's get messy. Let's be awkward. Let's laugh, and maybe cry, while learning deeply about what you want and desire from intimacy. 


Is this fun and sexy?

We can certainly make it fun. But it will also be challenging and requires long-term commitment, typically six months to two years. It is playful and awkward. There will be conflict, and conflict resolution. We'll learn to be in a relationship from its tenuous beginning, to the middle where we find comfort and commonality, to the end, where we dissolve the relationship with grace and integrity. The skills you learn will support all relationships: romantic, family, friends, and co-workers.

Tracy Lee Surrogate Partner Therapy

And what about the sexy?

With support from the therapist, you set your goal(s), which the SP helps you to meet. After mastering the basic skills, you and the SP explore together your erotic essence and full sexual self. You, the therapist, and the SP must all be in alignment and agreement for the erotic essence of the work to happen.


Deeply satisfying relationships don't follow the scripts of fictitious romance heroes or the characters in popular TV shows.  Sex portrayed in pornography doesn’t depict reality.  Sadly for most of us, though, we use them to model our intimacy because our society bombards us with them.

Surrogate Partner in Training Badge

Who is a good fit? Those who:

  • Are ready to heal and willing to do the work. 

  • Are curious about their bodies and what is pleasurable and "right" for them, not the stories we were told. 

  • Have trouble aligning, maintaining, or navigating relationships with comfort and ease.

SPT has been highly beneficial for people who resonate with the following:


  • Pain that interrupts/negates intimacy from happening

  • History of unwanted touch or physical trauma

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Sexually naïve or minimal intimate experience

  • Erectile difficulty (Performance Anxiety, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction)

  • Body shame

  • People pleaser, never having your own needs met

  • Not deserving of happiness and joyful relationships

  • Lacking social skills or social anxiety (shy, awkward, geeky)

  • Disabilities

  • Confusion around gender or sexual orientation

*Bodily autonomy is the right to control what happens to one's own body and make choices over one's physical and psychological well-being. It is a fundamental right and a basis for gender equality. Bodily autonomy means having the power, agency, and dignity to decide when, whether or with whom to have sex, become pregnant, or access health care. It also means having the freedom to take up space in the world.


Tracy has been working in the Touch for Healing realm for over a decade.  She has seen hundreds of clients and learned how touch from platonic to erotic can heal. Much of her work to date has been in the realm of Surrogate Partner Therapy although without the "formal certification". Seeing the progress clients make when talk and touch are combined further motivates her to support clients to work in this realm.

Classes and Certifications:

Collaborating w/ Surrogate Partners in the Triadic Model

How to Help Generalize Surrogate Partner Therapy

Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy 

Surrogate Partner Professional Training

Sacred Sexuality through a Tantric Lens 

School of Consent with Betty Martin  

Like a Pro with Betty Martin

Love and Ecstasy Training through

          Cycle 1: The Body Ecstatic and Sexual Healing

          Cycle 2: Celebrating Love and Orgasm

          Cycle 3: The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy

Holistic Pelvic Care™ 

Certified Trained Cuddlist

Hakomi Mindfulness Therapy


Reiki Master

          Advanced Kundalini Reiki Master

          Gold Reiki Master

          Usui Reiki master

          Chakra Balancing

Self-Discovery School of Intuitive Healing with Becky Moore 

End of Life Washington/Death with Dignity advocate training and volunteering  

Tracy has an amazing ability to select from all these trainings to create an individualized healing session for anyone.

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Surrogate Partner Therapy is an investment in yourself and your future healthy relationships. It takes time and commitment.  Each three-month series is $4200. This includes nine ninety-minute sessions, my communication in between sessions with your therapist, and a weekly email check in.

Payment is collected in two installments: one-half paid at session number one, and one half paid at session number four.  


The number of series depends on your progress with the goals you set with your therapist.


Tracy’s office is private, cozy, comfortable, and inviting, and easy to get to just off the Boeing Freeway in Everett, WA with ample parking.

Contact Tracy

To contact Tracy use this form.

Have questions? Tracy offers a FREE 15-minute consultation call. Chat with her to see if Surrogate Partner Therapy is right for you.

To learn more about Tracy Lee and what else she offers, check her out HERE.

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